Services Offered

Pathways to Learning Institute offers several services to help develop and/or enrich learning for children, adolescents, and adults:

ACADEMIC SUPPORT: helping a student keep up with subject learning in school by assessing academic strengths and challenges, and by providing homework help, skill building and reinforcement, learning strategies, and by keeping in contact with school or other learning environment

ACADEMIC ASSESSMENT (including of learning pathways) AND DEVELOPMENT OF LEARNING PLANS for children and adolescents with different learning needs

ENRICHMENT for gifted learners- children who learn quickly and want and need more depth and breadth of learning, and a higher level of learning, as well as for 2e (twice exceptional) learners, who are gifted learners with some other learning challenges

REMEDIATION to bring unprepared students to expected competency levels, by determining reason or deviation point for a student’s unpreparedness in a learning skill or subject material

INTERVENTION with cognitive exercises and activities that address learning differences and challenges (“brain-training”) and strengthen the ability to learn; develop processing, focusing, organization, and memory skills

SCHOOL SUPPORT: helping schools in the development and implementation of curriculum, in classroom assessments, and in teacher training, support, and professional development

EDUCATOR SUPPORT AND ENRICHMENT: helping teachers grow and flourish in their ability to help students grow and flourish by guiding them in recognizing and understanding learning differences, how to plan for different strengths and needs, forming lesson plans, and classroom management, via workshops, lectures, meetings, phone conferencing, Skype, and/or email 

DEVELOPMENT OF EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING AND CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS,  LEARNING AND STUDY SKILLS including note-taking, organization of material, metacognition, and review, by assessing learning strengths, challenges, tendencies, and preferences and addressing the needs while recognizing and adapting the strengths

COUNSELING AND COACHING: informed by Logotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Collaborative Problem Solving, and other child/adolescent/adult/family therapy training, to help and support children, adolescents, and adults work on social, emotional, and behavioural challenges to overcome obstacles and function in a healthier way

HOME-SCHOOLING CONSULTANT: developing a learning plan and curriculum; training parents, nannies, and governesses

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